How Much Blogs Sell For: 17 Real Examples

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If you are curious about how much blogs sell for, I have some real-life examples to show you today, of deals that have closed here at Niche Investor.

I’ll also cover what makes a blog attractive to buyers so you’ll know what to do to increase your blog value before you sell.

Sometimes the amount that can be made from selling a blog is underestimated and that is why in this article, I’ll be telling you all about how much blogs sell for showing 17 real-world examples.

Also, if you are thinking of selling your website, I invite you to fill out the valuation form, to see how much your site could potentially sell for.

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How Much Do Blogs Sell For?

This is How Much Blogs Sell For With Real Examples

Here is the thing, there are a lot of factors that determine how much you can sell your blog for.

You can read more about that here, but the bottom line is your website’s monthly income is a huge factor in how much you can sell it for.

For example

  • a website making $100 monthly income can sell for $3600/$4000
  • $200 income = $7200 – $8000
  • $500 income= $12,000 – $20,000
  • $1000 income =$24,000 – $40,000
  • $2000 income – $48,000 – 80,000
  • and so on

Also, the amount you can sell your blog for depends on the niche too.

17 Examples Of How Much Blogs Sell For

Here are 17 examples of real-life sale prices for various types of blogs that have sold at Niche Investor:

1. Curly Hair Blog – Sold For $13,000

examples of how much blogs sell for - curly hair blog sold for 13k

This 3-year-old curly hair blog was earning $857 per month from digital product sales, affiliate marketing, and ad revenue, when it sold at Niche Investor for $13,000.

The blog received an average of 14,600 monthly visitors.

2. Home organization blog – Sold for $17,000

This blog sold at Niche Investor for $17,000.

This blog had 100 articles and earned an average of $290 per month with traffic averaging 4,330 users and 16,000 page views.

  • The blog had an email list of 3,721 subscribers
  • Average monthly earnings: $290/mo
  • Monetization: Digital products
  • Pinterest with -124.9k followers
  • Facebook page-5,228 followers
  • Niche: home organizing / DIY

3. E-Bike Dropshipping Website – Sold For $20,000

This 5-year-old blog with a DR of 11 and over 1K backlinks from 199 referring domains sold at Niche Investor for $20,000

The site ranks for 2.8K organic keywords in Google top 100 search results, with over 300 keywords appearing in the first top 10 search results.

  • Traffic: 3000 visitors/month
  • Average monthly earnings:  $2,179.79/mo
  • Email List: 10,000+ Subscribers
  • Monetization: Revenue for this site was from the sales of electric bicycles on the website

4. Course Reviews Niche Site – Sold For $325,000

examples of how much blogs sell for - course review site sold for $325,000

With over 95% organic search traffic, this reputable online course review site was earning over $11,000 per month, from high-commission affiliate programs in the online education niche.

It sold at Niche Investor for $325,000, within 3 weeks!

5. Personalized Gifts Niche Drop Shipping Store – Sold For $90,000

gift guide niche site that sold for 90k - - real examples of how much blogs sell for

This gift ideas website was earning over $8,000 per month when it sold on the Niche Investor platform for $90,000.

  • Email subscribers: 42,000
  • Platform: Shopify ecommerce shop
  • The sale included social media: Social media presence with the following accounts: Facebook = 83,500, Instagram = 16,500, Pinterest = 4,200

6. Sugar-Free Flour-Free Food Recipe Blog – Sold For $70,000

This food blog was sold at a niche investor platform for $70,000

  • Articles on the blog
  • Blog traffic : The primary source of traffic comes from organic search at 57.1%, with social media driving traffic at 15.8%.
  • Blog monetization streams:
  • Email List:  3231 email subscribers

7. Tortoise Blog – Sold For $35,000

real examples of what blogs sell for - pet tortoise site sold for $35,000

With 88% organic traffic and 77.8K pageviews, this pet tortoise tips & resources site sold at Niche Investor for $35,000.

It had nearly 100 articles providing everything a tortoise owner needs to know about caring for their shelled friend.

8. Food Blog – Sold For $200,000+

showing real examples showing how much blogs sell for -High-Traffic-Food-Blog-With-Verified-Instagram - business sold for $200k+

This established food blog sold at Niche Investor for over $200,000. It came with a verified Instagram account, and earned $96,000 in the year it sold.

It was getting over 200,000 monthly pageviews, 79% of its traffic was from organic Google search, and had a DA of 52.

  • Blog traffic: 211,000 monthly pageviews.
  • Social media accounts: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter
  • Blog monetization streams:  Ad Revenue, Sponsored Instagram posts
  • Niche: Food
  • Email List: 1800 subscribers

9. Disc Golf Niche Site – Sold For $20,000 was making $350/month when it sold on the Niche Investor platform for $20,000.

  • Articles on the blog; 114
  • Blog traffic: over 20,000 page views.
  • Blog monetization streams: Affiliate and digital products
  • Niche: Health and fitness, lifestyle.

10. Homesteading Chicken and Eggs Site – Sold For $124,000

real-life examples of how much blogs sell for - chicken niche blog sold for $124,000 at niche investor 

This chicken-raising niche site was earning $3,110 per month when it sold at Niche Investor for $124,000.

It received over 90,000 monthly visitors from primarily organic search traffic.

  • Articles on the blog; 785 articles
  • Blog traffic: 90,000 visitors /mo, 119,318 in pageviews/mo
  • Blog monetization streams: Ad revenue and affiliates
  • Niche: Homesteading, pets
  • The website had a DA of 27

11. Children’s Books Niche Website – Sold For $38,000 sold at Niche Investor for $38,000. It was earning $1,144 per month.

  • Articles on the blog; 308
  • Blog traffic: 32,343 visitors/month 
  • Social media accounts; Facebook group, Instagram account, Pinterest account,
  • Blog monetization streams: Amazon affiliate program, and product sales.
  • Niche: Education
  • Email List: 20,629 subscribers

12. Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Niche Site – Sold For $3,500. was earning $37/month when it sold for for $3,500.

  • Articles on the blog; 55
  • Blog traffic:  Approximately 6,926 visitors in sessions and 9,171 in pageviews.
  • Social media accounts: Pinterest – 3.2k followers
  • Blog monetization streams:  Ad Revenue, Affiliate Links
  • Niche: Health And Fitness, Lifestyle, Travel
  • Email List:  671 subscribers

13. Fashion Blog – Sold For $25,000

example of how much blogs sell for - this aged fashion site sold for 25000

This fashion blog with 150 articles was getting over 25,000 monthly visits from primarily organic search traffic, when it sold at Niche Investor for $25,000.

14. Course Creator Blog – Sold For $11,500 was earning $400 per month when it sold for $11,500.

  • Blog traffic: 3,500 monthly page views,
  • Social media accounts: Pinterest account with 20,000 followers
  • Blog monetization streams: Digital Products including online courses and ebooks
  • Niche: Course Creation Business
  • This site had 2,800 backlinks

15. Cooking And Entertaining Niche Site – Sold For $78,000 sold at Niche Investor for $78,000, when iyt was earning $2,300 per month.

  • Articles on the blog; 180 articles
  • Blog traffic: 100,000 monthly pageviews and 89,000 monthly sessions,
  • Blog monetization streams:ad revenue and affiliate commissions
  • Niche: Food
  • Email List: 5,153 subscribers

16. Direct Sales Party Planning Niche Earning $1,575/mo was earning $1,575 per month when it sold for $53,000.

  • Articles on the blog; 522 articles
  • Social media accounts: Facebook page with 15,782 likes, Facebook group 10,800 members, Pinterest account with 12,900 followers, Instagram with 1,116 followers, Twitter 8,427 followers, YouTube 4,180 subscribers
  • Blog monetization streams: Digital Products, Subscription
  • Niche: Education
  • Email List: 4,784 subscribers

17. Astrology Website – Sold For $15,000

showing examples of how much blog ssell for - Sasstrology-Astrology niche site

This blog sold at Niche Investor for $15,000.

  • Blog traffic: 50K pageviews 
  • Average monthly earnings: $127/month
  • Social media accounts;  Facebook business page with 5,998 followers, Twitter has 3,357 followers
  • Blog monetization streams: Affiliate Links, Services, Subscription
  • Niche: Astrology
  • Email List: 2,353 email subscribers

What Makes a Blog Attractive to Buyers

With the right niche, audience, and monetization strategies, you too can turn your blog into a profitable business.


Engaged traffic is the bread and butter of your niche site because without traffic you can’t make money it’s that simple.

You need traffic to monetize with ads, to sell your products and to make any kind of money.

So naturally a blog with engaged or organic traffic is very attractive to buyers.


Your niche matters too, a good niche with a loyal audience is generally more attractive to buyers.

Monetization Streams

The more diversified streams of income your blog has, means the more attractive it is to buyers.

Buyers are also looking for blogs with multiple streams of income, such as affiliate marketing, digital products, and display ad revenue.

Real Examples Showing How Much Blogs Sell For – Conclusion

In conclusion, as we have seen in this blog post, blogs can sell for a wide range of prices!

Also, the most successful blogs had a significant amount of traffic and different income streams.

Selling a blog can be a great way to make money.

If you’re thinking of selling your niche site, come and get a free valuation now!

Remember to work on increasing its value and focus on the things that make a niche site attractive to buyers before putting it on the market.

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