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FAQs For Buyers

Q. Who created these websites?

Each of the websites listed for sale at Niche Investor was developed by an individual content creator – not an agency. These are real, active websites with original, unique content, that are owner-operated. We do not sell template/duplicate sites, low-quality sites, or anything with PLR content.

Q. What kind of sites do you have for sale?

We list websites in a variety of niches. Some of the most popular are food, travel, business, and finance. You can see all of the sites we currently have for sale here.

Q. Can I get access to the Google Analytics of a site I am interested in?

Yes! We would love to get you ‘read and analyze’ access to Google Analytics that you are interested in. We will ask for your Gmail email address and get you added.

Q. Can I make my own offer?

You are welcome to make an offer on an established site that you see on the Niche Investor platform, by filling out the form at the bottom of the listing. We will present it to the owner of the site and they will let us know if they accept, reject, or counter your offer. Starter sites, however, are typically a flat-price and aren’t open to offers.

Q. Are payments secure?

Yes, we use Escrow as a secure third party to handle the money transaction. Using Escrow ensures that your banking info is never revealed to the seller, nor Niche Investor. Escrow holds your payment until you have received the domain to ensure a safe transaction.

Q. Do the sellers accept a payment plan?

Most of our transactions are full cash payments to Escrow (you can pay by wire or in some cases, credit card or PayPal). But some sellers do accept payment plan offers, where you will pay in monthly, quarterly or annual installments. If you are interested in a payment plan, present this in your offer.

Q. Can I have a call with the listing agent and seller?

Our listing agents are always happy to meet with prospective buyers at any time to walk through sites that are for sale and answer your questions.

The owners of the sites we sell are often willing to jump on a group call with the listing agent and prospective buyers too. Before a group meeting with the seller happens, however, we ask that you make an offer to make sure it is in the ballpark of what the seller would agree to. This is in place to be mindful of your and the seller’s time.

Q. How can I get updated about new listings?

We have a helpful email that goes out every week with our latest listings. If you would like to be in the know, make sure you sign up here.

Q. Does the website I’m buying come with hosting?

When you buy a website, usually you would move the site to your own hosting account. And then to take over the domain, it is moved to your own domain registrar. We recommend these hosting companies.

But, some sellers have just that one website on their hosting account, so in those cases, you may be able to just take over their hosting account. Unless the hosting account is listed as included on the listing page, it’s best to ask, when making your offer.

Q. Do I get the affiliate accounts associated with the website?

In most cases, we would recommend that you replace any affiliate links on a website with your own. As, affiliate accounts have the seller’s tax ID on them, and you would want to use your own. To keep getting affiliate sales with the new site, you should update any affiliate links with your own. In some cases, you will be able to use the same links and just get access to the seller’s affiliate account, but typically, it’s recommended you have your own account and just swap out the links.

Q. What is included in the purchase of a website?

What is included in the sale can differ from owner to owner, but typically you will see the domain, website content, social accounts, and email subscribers. In each of our listings, we list what is included in the sale.

Q. How can I keep the website on MediaVine?

MediaVine is an attractive buying point, but if the website is currently not getting 50K+ sessions in the past 30 days, MediaVine will not accept the site to move to your own Mediavine account, when you ask to get approved.

But you have options! We have a few workarounds:

  1. We can help you transfer the site to our partners at Monumetric.
  2. Or, you can move the site to another ad network of your preference.

Q. Do I need to sign an NDA?

Most of the time it is not necessary to sign an NDA. Some owners will request you sign one though before jumping on a call or releasing detailed information about the business.

Q. What kind of information can I get about the websites for sale?

Most of our listings have a profit and loss statement that you can easily access. We also grant access to Google analytics, and you can ask the listing agent any questions you have.

After you make an offer, we can also set up a call where the owner can walk you through the business, if you wish.

Q. What kind of support do I receive after the sale?

Most of our site owners provide support for 30 days.

Q. How does the buying process work?

After an offer is agreed upon by the buyer and seller, we send you a contract to sign, and we set up an escrow account for the transfer of funds. Our team is there to help and guide both parties through the transfer of files and funds to make sure the transaction runs smoothly.

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