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How to sell your website at NicheInvestor.com

Q. How long does it take for a website to sell?

The length of time it takes to sell a website can vary. We have some sites that sell in days and others that can take weeks to find the right buyer.

The industry standard for selling an online business tends to be 6 months – but every business is unique. It really comes down to the right buyer. Our goal is to find the perfect buyer for your site and that can take time.

Q. What Options Do I Have, For Selling My Site?

Option One: List On Our Marketplace

  • Get your business featured on the Niche Investor platform in front of buyers
  • Assigned, dedicated listing agent working to sell your site
  • White-glove concierge sale and Escrow management
  • $25 listing fee, 5-20% success fee (success fee charged only when your site sells.)

Option Two: Sell Directly To Us

  • Guaranteed sale
  • 0% success fees and 0% listing fees
  • Fast due diligence and payout, typically within 72 hours

Q. Are there any fees associated with selling my site?

When selling your site with us, you will pay a $25 listing fee, to have your listing appear on the platform. This allows us to get your site up on our website and start marketing it to potential buyers. When the site does sell, you will pay a success fee, out of your earnings. The commission will depend on the selling price. As an added bonus, the higher your site sells for, the lower commission you will pay.

Alternatively, if you choose to sell your site directly to us, there is 0% listing fees and 0% success fees.

Success Fees (applicable to sites listed after August 1, 2023):

  • Sale price: $700,001 and up = 7% success fee
  • Sale price: $500,001 – $700,000 = 10% success fee
  • Sale price: $50,001 – $500,000 = 15% success fee
  • Sale Price: $50,000 and under = 20% success fee

==> To get a quote on your expected success fee, fill out the site valuation form.

Q. What should I do to get my site ready to sell?

While you can sell a website that hasn’t been updated in a while, buyers do like to see an active site. Creating new content and posting on social media is a great way to show buyers the potential of your site.

If you have time, you could go back to old posts and update them to make sure they are optimized for SEO.

There are many things you can do to prime your site to sell. Download a free copy of our ebook which gives you 16 ideas to prepare your site, and increase its value.

Q. How do I price my site?

We offer a free valuation form here. We take into consideration your site’s earnings, traffic, and other assets you have.

Q. What is the process for selling?

Once your site is listed in our marketplace, buyers will be able to view your listing. Your listing agent may meet with any number of buyers, they may share about your site on their platforms and inside their communities. When a buyer is interested, we will bring potential offers to you, which you are able to accept, reject, or counter. When we have reached an agreed-upon price between the buyer and you, we will send a contract for both parties to sign.

After that, you will be set up with an Escrow account and step-by-step instructions on how to deliver your site and receive payment. We are there every step of the way to ensure a smooth, quick transaction.

Q. What should I expect, once my listing is live?

When your listing is live, it will be viewable to buyers live on the platform. Interested parties will be able to reach out to your listing agent with questions and to make offers. Your agent will handle screening and conversations with buyers from our side, so that you can focus on your business uninterrupted.

We know that you are a busy business owner, so we will not bother you with updates unless we have an offer to present to you, or a question from a buyer that needs your attention. During this time while your listing is live, you should keep your P&L updated, and continue to run your business as normal. Publish content to your blog and social media and keep traffic and revenue up. Buyers will be looking!

When we have an offer, you will be able to review it and decide if its right for you or not. We will support you through the entire process from negotiations, to sale contracts, to Escrow, to transferring of assets, to you getting paid and closing.

Q. What happens if my site doesn’t sell?

Your website can be listed with us until it sells. We are always bringing in new buyers to our network and continue to look for the right buyer. However, you can decide to remove the listing if you wish.

Q. What kind of support do I receive while transferring my site?

We provide detailed instructions on how to transfer your site to the new owners. Our team members are also available to answer any questions and troubleshoot any problems that may arise.

Q. Can I list my site on other sites at the same time?

No. While you are under contract with us, we are the only ones who can sell your site. We have the ability to put our site in multiple marketplaces if needed, and we actually cover the fees in those other marketplaces, so you are really taken care of.

Q. Why can’t I sell my site for 60 days if I cancel my contract?

Since we put in a lot of effort, time, and advertising dollars into creating your listing and advertising your site, it wouldn’t be fair to bring all of that exposure to your listing just to have you cancel and sell elsewhere. That’s why, if you wish to cancel your listing, and not continue working with us, you can not sell your site for 60 days, or if you did, we would still be owed the commission. This protects the investment we have made in marketing your site for sale.

Q. What should I include in the sale of my site?

The more assets you include in the sale of your site, the more valuable it will be. You can include social media accounts, email subscribers, digital products and anything else that would be valuable to the new owner.

Q. What kind of support do I need to give to the new owner?

We ask that you provide 30 days of support to the new owner. Of course, you are welcome to support them longer, but 30 days gives them the support they need to be successful with their new purchase.

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