Below are just some of the businesses that have sold on our platform.

Women sitting in dorm considering buying this College And Sorority Blog For Sale Earning 465 per month

College And Sorority Blog

$13,000 – SOLD

Skateboarding Niche Site With 64 Articles

Skateboarding Niche Site

$1,200 – SOLD

Home Organization Blog

$17,500 – SOLD

sold listings

Art Tips Website

$14,000 – SOLD

sold listings

Sugar-Free Flour-Free Food Blog

$70,000 – SOLD

Personalized Gifts eComm Store

$90,000 – SOLD

sold listings

High-Traffic Food Blog With Verified Instagram

$210,000 – SOLD

sold listings

Homesteading Chicken and Eggs Site

$124,000 – SOLD

Disc Golf Niche Site

$20,000 – SOLD

sold listings

11-Year-Old Homeschooling Blog

$50,000 – SOLD

sold listings

Art Subscription Box For Homeschoolers

$50,000 – SOLD

Decluttering and Organization Site

$16,000 – SOLD

Check out the sold listings archive, to see hundreds more sites that have sold with us.