3 Reasons Why Buying Your Next Business Beats Building It


Buy, Instead of Build: Why Buying Your Next Business Beats Building It.

The first steps of an entrepreneurial journey almost always seem to be described as a hustle—the long hours, the sleepless nights, and the bootstrapping work of building something new.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) estimates that more than 627,000 new businesses are started in the United States each year.  And this doesn’t even count the countless blogs and creative brands born into the online space.

So why not skip this step altogether, and acquire a business that is already up and running? We’ll show you what’s possible. Read on!

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Why Buying Your Next Business Beats Building It

Those months, and sometimes years of hustle, can cost entrepreneurs precious time, money, and often, mental and emotional energy.

And when almost 23% of those businesses—nearly 155,000 individual companies—fail within the first year, starting over from scratch can be disheartening.

Or even impossible, depending on the initial investments a content creator or business owner made on their first venture.

It’s one of the reasons why buying a blog or business, rather than starting one from scratch, is an upward trend in the online business space.

So what are the perks of buying an established brand rather than creating one some scratch?

Let’s talk about three of the top benefits of buying your next business, as opposed to building it.

1. It saves you time

No matter how much experience or passion you bring to the table, building something new takes time.

Your time is invested in building a website, developing products, growing your audience, serving customers, and the million other tasks that a new start-up requires. And it can take even longer for that new business or blog to become profitable.

Buying a blog or business might mean you’re investing more financially up front, but that investment is quickly paid back in the time you save.

A newly purchased blog or business comes with an established brand, website, audience, and often, profitable revenue streams. For example, the website you buy may already be approved and earning on one of the best ad networks.

2. It saves you money

How long does it take a new business to become profitable? An average of 2-3 years, according to the SBA. And monetizing a blog can take even longer.

Entrepreneurs and content creators can spend years and thousands of dollars to test monetization and revenue streams and trial product ideas in the market in a “trial and error approach.”

Building a business will often cost you more than it will earn you—especially in the early years. Alternatively, buying a business means you’re purchasing an idea that is already proven.

An established company or blog already has established revenue streams, funnels, and systems in place, meaning you can start earning right away.

3. It saves you the headache of finding customers

Imagine someone handing you an established and engaged list of customers who are ready to buy right now. It sounds like an entrepreneurial dream, right? It’s exactly what happens when you buy a business or blog.

Your purchase usually includes more than just a domain name and website.

Established brands come with an active list of customers, and quite often, an engaged digital audience in the form of social media followers and newsletter subscribers.

Instead of spending years cultivating these relationships, you can tap into a raving fan base from day one.

When we helped 50 content creators and online business owners invest in their new ventures last year, almost all of them said that saving money, getting time back, and skipping the start-up headache were driving factors in the investment

Considering buying your next business, and gaining a headstart on the next chapter of your entrepreneurial story?

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