If you’re passionate about all things spreadsheets, this is the opportunity of a lifetime. This suite of courses, digital products and a personal finance blog has earned an average of $7,700 USD per month this year (and has an additional two years of history on top of that!).

The overarching niche is personal finance, but the course that contributes a significant portion of the revenue is in a hot niche that seemingly no one else has discovered (yet, you better jump on this fast!). This is an excellent opportunity for someone who likes to teach, do and earn… is that you?

Course, Digital Product Suite and Personal Finance Blog

This is a packed listing in the finance and spreadsheets game. In total, you’ll be getting:

  • 1 Thinkific account that comes with 4 courses, the largest of which initially brought in approximately $30,000 in its first month
  • 1 WordPress Blog (focused on the personal finance nice)
  • 1 Shopify Storefront (that sells digital products related to personal finance)

This is a great asset that’s focused on personal finance (a very popular niche) and product creation in an incredibly underserved niche — with a premium course that no one has caught onto yet!

Most of the income for this brand comes via the digital courses, but there’s HUGE potential in the digital products shop and personal finance blog that is underdeveloped. With over 80 products that have made over 29,000 sales on Etsy in their lifetime — there’s PLENTY to work with. Not to mention it has a highly brandable name with some amazing (fully graphic designed) assets.

This is an AMAZING opportunity for someone who wants to take an already established suite of products and push them further. If you’re passionate about all things spreadsheets and finance, this is the brand for you.

Note: Due to Etsy’s TOS, the shop on their platform cannot come with the sale — none of the Etsy shop’s sales are included in the P&L or were considered for the valuation of the site. That means that any Etsy sales that the shop has received are over and above the current $7,700 average you’re seeing. You will be provided with the digital products and are more than welcome (perhaps encouraged to?) set up your own Etsy shop to continue seeing that additional revenue too.


You can see the P&L here. Please note that all figures on the spreadsheet are in Canadian Dollars (an average of $10,300/month this year).

The majority of the revenue comes from course sales. The course, which launched in February 2023 to a list of only 1,235 people, earned approximately $30,000 USD in its first month. Since then it’s continued to bring in revenue over the months:

Thinkific Traffic

This asset also comes with over 80 digital products that are sold via a Shopify store. The products are primarily in the personal finance niche, such as budget spreadsheets and debt trackers. However, there are a few items, like a meal planner template, that broach other niches too.

These digital products have previously done well on Etsy. However, as per their TOS, the shop cannot be sold (therefore no revenue from it is included in the details). That said, you can absolutely expand the brand to the Etsy platform using these products.

How To Buy This Business

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