Respected Parenting Education Business Earning $177,698/year

This business is one of Australia’s most trusted sources of parenting education, support, and child development for parents and teachers of children aged 5-17 years old. The business has been active for more than a decade.


This parenting education business for sale operates primarily as a membership site, where schools in Australia pay a yearly fee to access educational resources, behind a paywall. The School membership is the engine of the business, providing regular income through annual subscriptions. The resources include articles (with new articles added weekly), a student leadership program, and 4 professional webinars and learning workshops each year.

Teachers use the articles in their newsletters to parents, the school’s websites, and as handouts and support resources for parents.

The student leadership program was completely updated in 2020. It is a branded curriculum package for teachers in the last two years of primary (elementary) school to use with their students. This is a one-off purchase designed as a revenue booster for the business. It is a turn-key program that also allows for enormous potential for a new owner to add additional material, related products, or online events around this leadership program.

Currently, there are 480 schools that pay a yearly subscription. There is an established retention rate of 75% supported by detailed automation and invoicing.

The other side of the business is the side that offers resources for parents. Currently, the parent’s side includes webinars, developmental planners, online courses and books. Virtual learning (webinars) present significant potential for future earnings growth, in a post COVID environment.


This business serves two key audience groups. The main clients are schools in Australia (B2B relationship) and the second is parents (B2C relationship).

In addition to the parenting articles and eCommerce shop visible to the general public, there is a membership portal for schools that are housed behind a paywall.

New content is published weekly to the school membership portal. New content is published every two weeks to the 35,000 parents subscribed to the free access side/email list.

Revenue & Expenses

This business earned $177,698 USD in the past 12 months.

To view the profit & loss sheet and all financial details, fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page to request the NDA.

Revenue Sources

There are 4 main income streams that this business earns from:

  • Memberships for schools (which include articles, videos, shareable resources and teacher development)
  • Speaking engagements to parents, schools and groups (such as presentations, workshops, seminars, professional development)
  • Digital resources for parents (such as online courses, developmental planners, webinars, books)
  • Digital resources for teachers (such as webinars, student leadership programs)

Additional Included Asset: Royalties

The seller is including royalties – a considerable asset – in the sale. The royalties are paid once a year (usually in late June thus they don’t show in the current year’s financials.) They are paid by Copyright Agency Australia the peak paid for copyright and licensing in Australia. They are paid for the replication by schools of the resources that are used by students and to a smaller extent by parents.

The seller has registered all products with Copyright Australia. The seller notes that royalties are worked out on a survey system so it can be a little hit and miss, making it difficult to budget. Copyright Australia surveys a small number of schools each year and makes calculations for creators on those surveys. Representational surveys such as this are a little unpredictable as the royalty amounts depend on choosing schools that use the products a great deal.

However, the seller’s royalty payments have been increasing over the last three years, with them making up 25% of revenue in 2020. It is unknown what the royalty payments will be this year it is assumed they would be similar to last year. The interesting aspect about these royalty payments is that a product sold today can make royalty payments in 10 years’ time.

parenting education business for sale traffic
30-day analytics


Organic search engine traffic brings in 59.6% of the traffic to the website, with the rest being split between direct, email, and referral.

Social media has been underutilized, allowing for incredible growth potential for the new owner. One could easily start utilizing social media as a marketing platform for the business and capitalize on the company’s fanbase of thousands who are already following the social accounts.

parenting education business for sale analytics

What’s Included

➔ Website: The website serves both the B2B and B2C sides of the business. It houses an online course, all learning school content, and online shop.

➔ Domain names: The main domain is DA 42. A total of nine domains are included in the sale.

➔ Social media accounts: Facebook (43,618 likes), Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn accounts included.

➔ Digital subscriptions: Mailchimp, Gotowebinar. Adobe and Vimeo Pro

➔ Guest writer contacts: Currently guest writers provide 50% of the content (articles) and the other 50% is written by the owner.

➔  480 schools in Australia are currently paying members

➔  Full royalties

➔  Email list with 35,000 subscribers

➔ Training will be provided to the new owner to ensure a smooth transition.


Who Would Be A Good Fit For This Business?

This parenting education business would suit a professional individual or content company with knowledge of the education industry. Someone who wants the benefit of owning a turn-key, established, and respected company, with an established client base.

It is not necessary to be Australian to operate this business, but the business does have an established brand in Australia. Someone who wishes to expand the brand into other countries would also be an ideal fit.

This parenting education business is an ideal acquisition for someone who works from home, likes to have the lifestyle freedom to work on their own terms,  and wants to make a difference in the lives of children, teachers, and parents alike.

Areas Of Opportunity

Potential growth opportunities:

  • Expand the number of schools through outreach and advertising
  • Develop the parenting webinars as a key resource feature for the parent market
  • Better use of social media to grow market, start a Facebook Group for parents
  • Potential to sell memberships and products to schools and parents in countries outside of Australia
  • Take the webinars to another level and implement a virtual event (virtual summit), featuring education leaders as speakers. Schools could purchase access to this event and either sell or give virtual tickets to parents
  • Better use of social media marketing
  • Amazingly, Pinterest has not been used to promote this business. Pinterest is the third-largest search engine, with 459 million monthly active users, where parenting niches reign supreme. This is a fantastic opportunity for the new owner to start pinning the content to Pinterest and target an all-knew goldmine of customers.

Quick Stats

  • Type: Membership site / eCommerce
  • Niche: Education
  • Established location: Australia
  • Asking price: $395,000 USD

How To Buy This Business

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